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The Oneida County Habitat for Humanity would not be able to partner with families in need without the generous contributions of our supporters and donors. There are many ways to donate: gifts of money, construction materials, services, stocks, land and even your used automobile. To contribute gifts of money you may either click on the Donate Now button in the left hand column to use our online donation tool or you may send a check made out to OCHFH to: The Oneida County Habitat for Humanity P.O. Box 312 Utica, NY 13503 For more information on donating materials or services, please call us at 315.281.9375 or send an email to info@oneidacountyhabitat.org More ways to donate:

Square Foot Club

Join the square foot club! It costs us about $63 per square foot to build the typical Habitat for Humanity home in Oneida County. We need to raise $70,000 to be able to build our next home. Every $63 you donate will bring a local family closer to having a home to call their own.

Cars for Home

Have a car, RV, truck, motorcycle, boat, construction equipment, or other vehicle you no longer need? Think about turning it into a home! By donating your vehicle to the Oneida County Habitat for Humanity you can provide us with much needed cash that we will use to build a home. For more information on donating your vehicle, please call us at 315.281.9375, send us an email at info@oneidacountyhabitat.org, or visit Habitat for Humanity's Cars for Homes webpage: http://www.habitat.org/carsforhomes.

Donating Land

One of the most important ways that you can help a partner family is to donate a piece of land that is suitable for building a home. For more information, please contact us at 315.281.9375 or send an email to info@oneidacountyhabitat.org.
Other Ways to Donate

Oneida County Habitat for Humanity, Inc.
P.O. Box 312, Utica, NY 13503
Tel: (315) 281-9375
E-mail: info@oneidacountyhabitat.org